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We love to sail! Do you?

Sailing BVI aboard the LUXURY catamaran Shangri La. Our Captain, Cook and crew were AMAZING!! Such a stress free vacay aboard Shangri La as the crew catered to our every needs—they SPOILED us!!

Thank you so much Bernd, Captain, Manager and Perfectionist and Daniela Chef, Master Yoga Instructor and an all arround “LOVELY” person inside and out! Thank you for such a wonderful and enjoyable experience! It surpassed all our expectations of a LUXURY sailing experience! I feel so blessed to have found your vessel.

You are the perfect boat & crew. It’s very clear why Shangri La won 2nd best boat at the show—an award you should be very proud of!

You and the Captain make a great team The Land Of Oz Crew (Kansas is often referred to this from the famous movie The Wizard Of Oz): Dave, Debbie, Tom, Cindy, Margie, Ron, Rich & Nancy

PS: We couldn’t wait to see what you were cooking for dinner. It was so fun looking forward to your lovely & delicious meals!