Projekt Beschreibung

What a vacation! It was absolutely an amazing adventure! You invited us into your home so graciously; made us feel right at home! Everything was first class!

Mr. Captain Doctor Director Bernd – the kids enjoyed the football on the beach, beachparty, swimming, paddleboard races, etc. Every one of them was a highlight!
Miss Daniella – Wow! You amazed all of us with your culinary skills! Every meal got better, we didn´1 think that was possible! You have changed food for the kids forever! Thank you. Loved your quick wit with the teens!
Miss Ursula – thank you for all the details in your service and taking care of us!

We want to say a special thank you for the fantastic night you put on for our seniors celebration! That was awesome and so special.

Thank you for your hospitality and all the little things. We look forward to doing this again!
Rod, Megan, Alexa, Reece, Joel, Steele, Macey, Emmelie